Manchester Sitecore Technical User Group Presentation

Last Wednesday I was kindly invited by Jitendra Soni  & Martin Davies  to Talk at the Manchester Sitecore Technical User group. After some deliberation I decided I would do a Talk on using Jeff Darchuk’s Content Migrator module for Auto-syncing content and show the customisations we implemented for this to sync content on a specific day of the week and build a UI for setting up the configuration of Content Migrator for Automated Syncs.

Jitendra presented first and talked about the new features in Sitecore 9, whilst I’ve read quite a bit about Sitecore 9 It was good to see some of these in more detail and be able to ask questions.


I enjoyed giving my first presentation at a Sitecore technical user group, everyone seemed to be engaged in the talks and it was great to see so many Sitecore developers at the Manchester Meet-up.


content migrator

For those who have asked you can find my slides here: and I aim to package up our customisations and share them very soon.

We also had some good discussions on JSS, Sitecore 9 Install, Express Migration and a number of other things which Jeremy Davis had some very useful input on.


Thanks to Jitendra & Martin for letting me present and hopefully we can catch-up more regularly and continue to share our Sitecore Knowledge in Manchester.

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Adam Seabridge

I am a Freelance Sitecore Developer & 2018 Sitecore Technology MVP and have been working with Sitecore since 2013. You can reach me on twitter @billyjava if you have any questions or feedback.

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